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Product features

  • Built-in help for acquisition and configuration of your own Twitter credentials.
  • Built-in OAuth authentication wizard . You can effortlessly create your application accounts and authorise the software to interact with your Twitter accounts without giving away your credentials.
  • Built-in URL shortener . You can shorten any URL to be included in a tweet message by directly accessing your Bit.ly account from the application.
  • Import a list of tweets at once or add tweets individually as desired.
  • Edit tweets individually.
  • Send a simple tweet or the whole list according to time intervals previously set in the application preferences.
  • Send direct messages.
  • Search for the Followers/Following from a specific Twitter user.
  • Search for a specific number of people or for all contacts from a specific user.
  • Follow/Unfollow new people in randomly timed minutes.
  • Eliminate duplicated contacts.
  • Filter the information collected according to a huge range of different conditions.
  • Export found contacts to Excel.
  • Directly save found contacts into CSV files.
  • Follow any URL found.
  • Configure the application to be launched during Windows startup to send tweets or follow people.
  • Automatically save your Tweet and Follow preferences.
  • LOG panel.
  • Application skin change.
  • Multi-Language support.

CJ AutoTweeter v

Compatible with the new Twitter API v1.1 !!!

About CJ AutoTweeter

CJ AutoTweeter is a client-desktop Twitter automation tool developed to easily interact with your Twitter account. Not only is this application capable of sending automatic tweets , but it can also find hundreds of users to be followed, all of whom become potential followers as well. Additionally, CJ AutoTweeter can be used to rapidly follow/unfollow people (please see IMPORTANT NOTE).

CJ AutoTweeter's users range from people who simply start a fun service to the twitter marketing and product promotion agencies. This application has been designed to automate different tasks at a certain time interval while you are away from your computer.

Commonly, all those mass follow programs follow people at once and it raises suspicion of spamming. However, by using our innovative product, you can follow people, but automatically and slowly, so that your twitter account does not come under the spam scanner of Twitter.

Thus, three different tasks can effortlessly be achieved with just one tool:

  1. Auto Tweeter: Send automatic tweets.
  2. Auto Finder: Find new interesting people to follow.
  3. Auto Follower/Unfollower.

In addition to scheduling tweets, CJ Autotweeter can also send direct/private tweets to any of your followers. Autotweeter also possess a built-in URL shortening service using bit.ly , so that you can include any URL in a 140-character message.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not support spam. We have NOT created this application to indiscriminately follow people or to create a hostile Twitter environment. We highly recommend that you use CJ AutoTweeter to wisely find and select those people who you are really interested in and to subsequently follow them. The automation features are "specifically and only designed" so as not to turn Send/Find/Follow/Un-follow activities into time-consuming tasks. You must not use this software to generate spam or to call the attention of others. Time intervals have been introduced in order to avoid the risk of wrongly being considered as spammer even when you have properly selected to whom follow to. We are not responsible for suspensions of your credentials or accounts if you use this application for spam purposes. By installing CJ AutoTweeter, you understand and accept all of the terms and conditions of this software license agreement, and you also take responsibility for your own activities on Twitter.


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System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP (SP2, SP3) / Server 2003 / Server 2008.

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