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Product features

  • Pie and 3D bar charts to show graphical statistics of the campaign are now supported.
  • QRCode Wizard.
  • Running at Windows Startup is now supported for full automation .
  • Full-Multithread and Multiadapter support. If more than one adapter are available on a computer, Blue Sender is able to send publicity by making use of all of them simultaneously in order to increase the speed of the process.
  • Before sending a file, the device is requested permission (Yes/No).
  • No authentication from device is required.
  • Inclusion / Exclusion of devices into a blacklist ( Filters option ).
  • Option to send files to all the devices or to selected devices.
  • Scan mode—to search all the Bluetooth® enabled devices.
  • Continuous Mode (Search and send to all)—In this mode Blue Sender keeps searching for devices and as soon as a device is found and selected the included files are transmitted to it. This feature is only available for registered versions.
  • Send to this—In this mode Blue Sender gives you option to send the file to a particular device only.
  • Log support.
  • It scans for services supported by a specific Bluetooth-enable device.
  • It exports the list of services to either Excel or TXT file as well.
  • It saves Logs automatically into files when Continiuous Mode is chose. This feature is only available for registered versions.
  • It is also able to export of all the contacts contained in Outlook to vCard files (Demo versions only export 10 contacts) .
  • Configuration of key parameters when the connection is established.

Wireless Blue Sender v

About Wireless Blue Sender

Wireless Blue Sender is an implementation that enables users to advertise and communicate directly with their customers in a new and innovative way called Bluetooth® proximity marketing . Proximity marketing is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so.

This software allows users to communicate with every Bluetooth® enabled device passing in the surrounding area, sending offers, details about their products, specials, coupons, prize promotions, etc. in order to advertise and promote their products, ensuring people do not leave vicinity without visiting their stores. Basically, Wireless Blue Sender can be used to promote products and offers in malls, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, real estates, shows, banks, nightclubs, cafes, bars, concerts, etc.

Wireless Blue Sender was conceived to be an affordable software to promote your business rather than an expensive solution based on hardware as many available in the market. There are just a few basic requirements to use Blue Sender on your system:

  • PC equipped with an external USB or build-in Bluetooth dongle.
  • Bluetooth should be up and running on the system before starting the application.

Wireless Blue Sender will enable you to send a wide range of different contents, such as:

  • QRCodes
  • Coupons
  • vCards (VCF files)
  • Text (TXT files)
  • Animated images (GIF files)
  • Multimedia files (3GP, AVI, MPG)
  • Images an pictures (JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.)

However, Blue Sender is not limited just to send publicity throughout Bluetooth® enabled device. Additionally, it also enables users to:

  • Copy any type of file from PCs to Bluetooth® enabled devices ( no authentication is required) in order to perform backups.
  • Export the whole list of contacts from Outlook to vCards files , in order to send them to Bluetooth® enabled phones and pass thousands of contacts easily from Outlook to mobile phones without typing anything.
  • Create their own vCard by making use of the wizard.
  • Encode messages as QRCodes and decode them back into messages.

Black list
Configuration Window
Black list
Configuration Window
Black list
Configuration Window
Single promotion graphical report Promotios comparison graphical report
QRCode Wizard

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Product Info

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Rated by 5/5 points award on Download Ready.

Rated by 5 points award on Download Ready.

Received 5 of 5 stars award on FileGuru.

Received 5 of 5 stars award on FileGuru.

Awarded 5 Stars at the DownloadPipe.

Awarded 5 Stars at the DownloadPipe.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP (SP2, SP3) / Server 2003 / Server 2008.

Bluetooth Stack: At least one of the following Bluetooth stacks must be installed:

  • Microsoft (native Windows XP SP2 and high bluetooth drivers)

  • Widcomm ( and high)

  • Toshiba (4.2 and high)

  • Bluesoleil (>1.6 and <6.4)


USB Dongle or antenna: PC equipped with an external USB or build-in Bluetooth dongle.

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