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Product features

  • Pie charts to show graphical statistics information of the campaigns.
  • English and Spanish graphical user interface.
  • Built-in Addressbook.
  • Select recipients from its addressbook or CSV-formated lists.
  • Send Single, Bulk or Group Text Messages.
  • Connecting with leading and certified worldwide SMPP gateway providers.
  • Export delivery reports to Excel.
  • Set a Sender ID different from your account ID or phone number.
  • LOG the whole sending process.

CJ SMS Sender v

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About CJ SMS Sender

CJ SMS Sender is an intuitive and innovative SMS software basically used to send Single , Bulk or Group SMS text messages from any Internet-connected PC to mobile phones all around the world.

This can even be considered as a more convenient and an alternative method to send text messages at a cheaper cost than sending SMS messages via your own mobile phone, as you are completely free to choose any gateway that fits your needs the best, without necessarily depending on your local provider.

Tested against leading providers of Bulk SMS messaging services and SMS Gateway, this software can ensure a reliable coverage and connectivity with more than 800 networks in 221 countries worldwide.

SMS services are variedly used and it all depends on organizations, but generally the uses can be divided in the following categories:

Marketing: Bulk sms has proved to be the cheapest form of marketing till now. It has helped many companies reach their clients or prospective clients in time. With the use of sms services many people can be contacted at a single point of time and you can enter their life through their mobile phone.

Alerts: This service is basically used by people who provide alerts services like share market updates, commodities alerts etc. These people need the sms to reach their clients faster. Some of the companies may also call it as Premium SMS services. With the help of these services the alerts can be provided to a person independently of what is he/she is doing. You are not disturbing the person and yet delivering the update and whenever the person is interested, he/she can use the information.

Information: Some of the organizations such as educational institutions use the sms services to send updates to the students regarding the class timings as well as changing in schedule or any information that needs to be transferred. Although the sms method is not popularly used for transferring information till now. But it is at a stage when it can grow too many higher levels.

Above, some of the uses of bulk sms services are described. Likewise, there are many uses which come in the sub-categories of the above three exploring the uses of bulk sms:

  1. For Ad Campaigning
  2. For Customers and Clients
  3. For Family / Friends / Relatives
  4. For Office Employees
  5. For Job Alerts

CJ SMS Sender will enable you to send different types of SMS messages:

  • Text - Plain text (default)
  • Flash - Plain text, immediate display
  • Data - Data message (raw, 8 bits)
  • Unicode - Unicode message
  • Unicode Flash - Unicode message, immediate display
  • WAP Push - Propagate a URL to the remote recipient's WAP phone
  • WAP Bookmark - Propagate a bookmark to the remote recipient's WAP phone
  • vCard - Electronic business card


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Configuration Window
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Configuration Window
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Single promotion graphical report
Promotios comparison graphical report
QRCode Wizard

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Product Info

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100% CLEAN award granted by

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

5 stars award granted by

5 stars award award granted by AOL-Soft

The Best Program 5 stars award
granted by Srelease.

The Best Program 5 stars award granted by Srelease

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP (SP2, SP3) / Server 2003 / Server 2008.

  • PC connected to the Internet

  • at least one SMPP account with providers of SMS services

SMPP Gateways

This is a list of certified SMPP Gateway providers:


AMD Telecom


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